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19 Oct
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One is at one end of our planet and the other is exactly on the opposite side. The two poles are the places where the weather is extremely cold but there are some differences between the two that are mentioned here.

Melting differences

The north pole or Arctic region has a natural melting cycle; which means the ice melts during the summer season and freezes back again in winter but the situation in south pole or Antarctica is different and it doesn’t melt as fast as the north pole.


Ozone layer

The ozone layer that is needed for our planet to be protected from bad radiation is getting wider and wider above the south pole but the layer is getting thinner and thinner in the north pole.


Cold and freezing cold

The south pole is much colder in a way that the ice never melts during a year, but in the north pole the weather is not as cold as the south pole and because of this it is vulnerable to the climate change.


Polar bear and penguins

We think that penguins and polar bears all live together in the poles but actually they do not live together; otherwise, the bears wouldn’t be worried about their food. Penguins live in south pole and bears live in the north pole.


Black gold

Oil the black gold is hidden under the south pole region and for this reason, Russia is already claiming a monopoly over a large part of the Arctic region, thus hoping to exploit the deposits from the Lomonosov ridge, an aquatic protuberance from under the Arctic Ocean. But the situation is not the same for the north pole.



When comparing the population between the two poles it can be said that the south pole has no one as occupants but the north pole, on the other hand, has more than four million people living in the region. Places like Barrow, Alaska; Tromso, Norway; Murmansk and Salekhard, Russia.


Ocean vs. continent

The north pole is actually an ocean that has been frozen whereas the south pole is made up of lands, mountains, and valleys that have been frozen.


Magnetic effect

Speaking of the magnetic poles of the Earth, one is near the north and the other near the south. When we talk about the magnetic north pole, we refer to the geographic area with the same name, although the north pole of the Earth’s magnetic field is actually in the south, and the south pole of the magnetic field is located in the north. For this reason, compasses do not show the magnetic north, but the geographic north of the planet. However, it has been established by convention that the magnetic north is near the geographic north and the magnetic south is near the geographic south.


As you see the two poles have differences that you may not know before.


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