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14 Dec
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We are going to discuss 8 reasons to not making any progress in learning English. You may feel that you have not improved since you started learning English. The below reasons can help you:

1) You don’t devote enough time.

Making progress in learning English needs spending too much time. If you really want to improve your skills, you should practice at least 1 hour per day.

If you’re busy and the weekends are your only available time to practice, you have a long way to become a fluent English learner.

2) You’re not active.

You may have heard about learning English during the sleeping time but it’s definitely impossible. Speaking is a way of active learning. Some other active ways are:

- Guess how someone is going to end his/her sentences.

- Remember the meaning of those words you hear or find their meanings.

- Talk to yourself.

3) You don’t review.

This is often the main reason. When you review something before forgetting it, a signal is sent to your mind which means:” this is an important thing, don’t forget.” So please review what you learned before learning new topics.

4) You’re too dependent on your mother language.

It’s entertaining to read the scripts into your mother language, but the translations just explain what you don't understand. It’s not a practice. So try English to English translation or explanations.

5) You focus on your mistakes.

Some learners are only searching for their mistakes, actually, they’re obsessed about their mistakes. Some reason not to pursue this strategy:

- There are a lot of wrong ways that tell wrong things about your mistakes. Don’t trust every resource.

- Paying too much attention to mistakes makes you a shy person, then speaking will seems harder and harder to you.

- Some of the mistakes are not really mistakes.

6) Learn English in context.

The first thing you should find out about a new word is not the meaning; it’s the way you can use it in a sentence.

Context is important; you should know how words stand next to each other and what their meaning is.                                 

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