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3 Oct
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you are in a friends gathering or in a family party or even sitting with one of your friends or even a person whom you meet for the first time. what is the subject that can be interesting and joyful to talk about?

We all like to talk about our experiences and also like others to listen to us passionately. One of the subjects that you can talk about is your job experiences.

There are always some people who are eager to know about the new things and events happening in other’s lives.

For me, as an English teacher, I should say that teaching is the most fulfilling job for me. My love for teaching and also the caring feelings that are inside me have made me be a teacher who has many student-friends. The students who became my friends for a long term in my life.

As a good teacher you should always be ready and up to date with English information, so it makes you read and listen to everything related to teaching. Being up to date, causes my mind to be curious and sharp. I sometimes know things that my teenage students don’t know. They simply ask me “ how do you know so much about everything?” and I answer it’s my job I have to be able to cope with my students’ questions so I keep myself informed about all the subjects possible in the world.

Other than being informed and up to date I have to keep an eye on my personality. A good and nice teacher should react with students fairly and nicely. Being nice and fair is not easy to be. It needs practice and patience, yet two other characters that a teacher must have.

As you can see to be a reputable teacher one should start from inside. Working on characters like kindness, patience, fairness, being flexible and at the same time strict, be a role model as a strong and knowledgeable person takes time.

So, the more experienced you are the sooner these characters can be built inside. Not only the inside is important but the appearance is important too. By the time a teacher enters a classroom there are at least a couple of eyes watching him/her. The maximum watching eyes can go beyond ten or twenty. Therefore, the first thing they notice is the teacher way of dressing and body language. Being neatly and properly dressed has a great impact on the mind of students.

Finally, I should say if I was born one more time I would for sure choose to be a teacher again. Teaching is a rewarding job by itself. The payment is not the money but it is human’s hearts.


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