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29 Oct
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The effect of technology is felt every day in our lives. Based on our needs and demands scientists, researchers and explorers discover or invent new things, hence adding to the technology advancement. Here is a list of some breakthrough technologies in 2017.


Reversing paralysis

Paralysis has always been a nightmare for us as human beings. If our spinal cord gets hurt or damaged, then we are paralyzed and unable to move effectively. Scientists have been working to find a cure or treatment for it and recently they have made some remarkable progress at using brain implants to restore the problem.


Self-driving trucks

For some reasons, there has been demand for trucks with no drivers on the road. Soon there will be trucks driving near you in highways without any drivers.


Paying with your face

In China, there is a modern technology available to use and that is paying with your face. Face-detecting systems in China now authorize payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals. It is not clear whether or not other countries accept the technology but it is now used in that country.


Practical quantum computers

Every year quantum computing comes up as a candidate for this Breakthrough Technologies list, and every year we reach the same conclusion: not yet. This year, however, a raft of previously theoretical designs is actually being built. Also new this year is the increased availability of corporate funding—from Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft, among others—for both research and the development of assorted technologies needed to actually build a working machine: microelectronics, complex circuits, and control software.


The 360-degree selfie

Today, anyone can buy a decent 360° cameras for less than $500, record a video within minutes, and upload it to Facebook or YouTube. Much of this amateur 360° content is blurry; some of it captures 360 degrees horizontally but not vertically, and most of it is mundane. But the best user-generated 360° photos and videos—such as the Virtual Forest—deepen the viewer’s appreciation of a place or an event.


Reinforcement learning

With these techniques, computers are finding out how to do things that no programmer needs to teach them. This technology is going to be available in one to two years.


There are still other new things that scientists are trying to accomplish and are going to be available to the public in the near future.

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