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19 May
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Doing more than one task at a time, especially if these tasks are complex tasks that require concentration and thought, will greatly reduce your creativity and innovation. Those who talk at the same time as the phone and check their email, or those who speak the phone while driving, understand the extent to which their focus is reduced.

 Occasionally, in some jobs, such as commercial ones, it may be possible to do some concurrent work as an advantage, but doing a couple of concurrent work for a long time will stop your creativity completely.

Messaging or talking to the phone, even if you use headphones, is as dangerous as if you were driving drunk! But we do this daily for most of us. The result of the research shows that one in five teenagers who have been taken to an emergency department have been injured by driving accidents while talking to their cell phone.

A number of psychologists have found that the human brain is not designed to do a lot of heavy work at the same time and does not have any feedback. In occupations like air traffic control, the over conflict of the mind will be disastrous. In fact, there is a lot of distraction that will end your focus, and you will need a lot of time to restore your attention and order your thinking patterns. In fact, it means that you do not buy time by doing a few things at the same time, but more time doing things!
Performing multiple works simultaneously can cause excessive brain damage. For example, if you're doing a project and your senses are constantly thrown by your colleagues, ringtones or customers, you may forget the details to make your project perfect. By entering a large amount of information at a time, your brain cannot detect which task is more obligatory and will also affect your memory.

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