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3 Mar
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Movies have always been a great way of entertaining people. Whenever we want to have fun and relax we think of watching a movie either at home alone or going to the theaters with someone we enjoy spending time with. People usually like to watch movies with happy endings where the good guys win over the bad guys. Based on surveys done from around the world here is a list of most watched movies around the globe.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Most of us know the plot where a young boy goes to wizardry school and learns more magic tricks and improves his wizardry power. The story has been so attractive to the viewers that it is still one of the people’s favorite movie.


The Godfather

The name is big and most of us know about it. The Godfather is a mob-drama film that highlights the all-powerful Italian-American crime family of Don Vito Corleone. The adventure starts happening when the son of the family joins the mob and many things happen to him. The Godfather was voted as the second “Greatest Film in American Film” by the American Film Institute.


Home alone

The movie was made in 1990 and was a perfect comedy movie for Christmas holidays. An 8-year-old kid is accidentally left alone at home and tries to save the family house from burglars. Many funny things happen to him and at the end again the good dead gets rewarded.


The Lord of the Rings

It is a fictional movie and the film is set in a fictitious setting of Middle-earth in which the Fellowship try to destroy its One Ring and by extension destroy its ruler the Dark Lord Sauron. The film has been so exciting for viewers that it is still one of the most watched movies ever.


ET – The Extra-Terrestrial

This film again is fictional and was made in 1982. A gentle alien land on earth and a young boy finds him and takes him home. Eventually, the alien gets sick and the young boy wants to help him go back to his planet.


Terminator 2 – Judgment Day

We all know about the Terminator series with the popular actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the film, he plays a robot T- 800 that is tasked to protect civilization by protecting a young John Connor. He fights off the bad guy T-1000 who intends on bring about a robot uprising.


The lion king

This animation movie is very much favored and loved not only by children but by adults too. This film teaches us values of humanity and perseverance in the face of disaster.


Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope

Again another fictional movie is on our list. Where dark powers are in a fight with good powers.



The setting for this movie is the alien space world of Pandora. The natives of this planet are the Navi who may seem primitive but they are in fact highly evolved. A hybrid between a human and a Navi leads to a creature called an Avatar.



A romantic movie and at the same time drama that doesn’t have a happy ending but the story again is attracting to the viewers where a girl from middle class falls in love with a boy with the lower class. This movie has been one of the most watched of all time.


There are other movies of course with lots of fans and viewers but these ten movies have always been one of the most watched of all time. If you haven’t seen them it’s time to consider watching them.


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