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25 Aug
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Movie lovers need to improve English skills for better experience

There are many reasons to learn English, but by far, the most useful one is so we can understand and enjoy movies. Let’s face it, we all like movies and films all the time and everyone likes English movies. For example when we work our English skills and learn the language better every day, we get the chance to watch more complex or deeper movies that rely on lots of talk to make good stories. There are so many other reasons related to the world of cinema, such as film festivals. Many people, who like movies, films and cinema, like to go to festivals and watch as many films as they like. That is precisely the kind of place English and English skills come in handy. Because even of the films showcased are not in English, chances are that subtitles have been provided in order to reach a wider audience. So, ENG45’s suggestion for all those movie lovers out there is to get involved with English. If you are a movie enthusiast then you never know when a really good film festival is coming to your city. Once you have a ready mind and some excitement about all the new films you get to watch, your experience in the theatres will be worth all that hard work put on improving English skills. Whether it is a festival or some really good movie you have been waiting to see for the past 6 month, English skills are your ticket to maximizing on the experience.
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