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8 Nov
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How to climb a mountain?

Mountain climbing for some people may be a difficult sport, but for others, it is an exciting one where they can challenge their strength, endurance, and devotion. Sometimes the sport can be very dangerous especially if the person is not very professional and doesn’t have a good schedule or plan for the journey. On the other hand, if it is done properly it can be a very popular and exciting experience.


Do a research

It is very important to know about other climbers’ experiences even before planning your own destination. This will help you to become mentally ready before being physically ready for the climbing. Do a research and get to know the experiences that the very professional climbers have had and with this research, you get to know about their routes and the mountains they are going to.


Get to Know your mental strength

Before starting your climbing, you should have some questions in your mind about how to climb a mountain. Ask yourself these questions.

Are you a person who makes hesitate decisions? If it is so, then it is not very good and actually, it is very dangerous if you make decisions like that. Your mind should be relaxed and in peace or you will get into trouble.

Are you a person who destroys or gets rid of the obstacles or you prefer to use something less dangerous?

Are you a nature lover or able to solve problems that may be there while climbing?

These and other questions should make your mind busy with finding the answers and find out about yourself to see if you are ready for the sport or not.


Make your body ready

In order to climb a mountain, you need to be fit and in good shape. Therefore, you can do these activities to help you out.

Go jogging or running

Jogging that gets harder every day

Weightlifting, jogging and running with a backpack on slopes.

Do any sports that increase your power and strength


Get trained

Before any mountain climbing make sure you are trained in one of the followings.

First aid instructions

How to cope with avalanche

Different techniques for climbing such as finding a path, reading the map, or how to use climbing nails and ropes

Hiking or walking on snow and ice

Passing deep cracks and saving methods

How to climb and use an ax to help you

You should learn and be trained in anything that helps you climbing.


Plan your first climbing and choose a professional leader

Join a mountain climbing club because they have the proper time and routes for you to attend to and also the good trainers or leaders to use for your journey.


Be ready for the climbing

After all the things that were mentioned above then pack your bag with suitable things that you need for climbing and make sure you have everything you need up there.


If you follow the instructions, you will have no problem for climbing and will have a wonderful life experience.

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