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10 Jan
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Have you ever heard about Mount Rushmore? The following text is a brief history of the sculptures.

The mountain is located in South Dakota’s Black Hills National Forest and the faces of four U.S presidents are carved beautifully on the mountain. They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Led by the sculptor Gutzon Borglum, work on the project began in 1927 and was finally completed in 1941. Over that time period, some 400 workers erected the sculpture under dangerous conditions, removing a total of 450,000 tons of rock in order to create the enormous carved heads, each of which reached a height of 60 feet (18 meters). In sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s original design, the four presidents were meant to be represented from the waist up, but insufficient funding brought the carving to a halt after completion of their faces. Known as the “Shrine of Democracy,” Mount Rushmore welcomes upwards of 2 million visitors every year and is one of America’s most popular tourist attractions.

To carve the four presidential heads into the face of Mount Rushmore, Borglum utilized new methods involving dynamite and pneumatic hammers to blast through a large amount of rock quickly, in addition to the more traditional tools of drills and chisels. Some 400 workers removed around 450,000 tons of rock from Mount Rushmore, which still remains in a heap near the base of the mountain. Though it was arduous and dangerous work, no lives were lost during the completion of the carved heads.


The place is one of the places that attracts millions of tourists each year and if you are around that place don’t miss going there and see the sculpture from near distance. The months that have most tourists are summer months June, July, and August. So, don’t forget to go and see this magnificent piece of art.


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