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17 Feb
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If you are a fan of nature and want to protect it then try to have less home garbage. But how? Here are some ways to follow in order to have less trash and help our mother nature.


Don’t use plastic bags

When you go shopping if you have your own car then have a bag of yours so that you don’t need the shop plastic bags or if you don’t have your own vehicle then use the ones before and bring one with you from your house. The less you use plastic bags the better it will be for nature and our environment because they stay there for many years.


Don’t use disposable dishes

Don’t be lazy and bring out those china dishes that you have got and serve your guests. Try not to use disposable dishes because by doing so you will do a great favor to nature.


Don’t use papers

Nowadays the use of papers has become less than before but try to use less of them and if you have to then when you are finished put them in a recycling bin.


Don’t throw away your old furniture

We all have some furniture or things around our house that we don’t like anymore or are getting old and broken. Don’t throw them away and give them away to the services that buy them or put them on a yard sale.


Don’t use straws

While drinking try not to use straws and leave them to elderly or children. The less of them the better for us.


Use more glass bottles

If we could use glass bottles it is much better to use plastic ones. Glass can be recycled many times and its quality stays the same and it is much better for nature than plastic.


Use filtering for drinking water

If you could use the filtering devices for your drinking water it would be much better than buying all those bottled mineral waters. The bottles will stay in nature for more than 50 years that is awful for our environment.


Use less tissues

Although we have to use tissues for our personal hygiene yet using the proper amount of it can be a great help to our mother nature.


By considering all the above sayings then you can be a great help for nature and our environment.

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