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19 Feb
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Aronofsky started writing the mother movie’s screenplay after Noah project. This screenplay finished in 5 first days and was prepared to be produced after several editions. Jenifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem were lead roles in the movie and the interesting thing is that they didn’t understand screenplay at first and they called it confusing!

The story is happening inside a house located in an unknown place which an unnamed woman lives romantically with her husband (Javier Bardem). The husband is a popular poet who is recently struggling with his mind dead-end and he can’t come up with new ideas for his books. At first minutes of the story a stranger knocks the door and enters their life, he was actually thinking that this house is a resting place for passengers. Surprisingly the poet invites him to stay with his family without asking his wife.

This is the weird and also simple introduction to this movie. At first, the movie maker is asking his audiences to accept the characters without knowing their name. by moving forward, you can see different characters enter the story and they’re also without any names. This is on purpose and the aim is to turn these characters into natural and social events.

You can find a lot of different meaningful signs in this movie, from holly bible to Adam and Eve. The house is a symbol of the Earth which entering and attacking different characters to this house is the symbol of chaos and destruction which humans have caused. The poet character who just smiles against his wife’s criticisms is the symbol of God who is trying to manage the situation between humans and angles. The mother and house are symbols of earth planet which is hosting different strange and uninvited guests.

Unlike the first part of the movie which is peaceful and calm, the second part of the film is a real madness which can make you really frustrated or frightened. 

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