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11 Jan
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This year the world cup is done in Moscow so it’s not bad to know about the city.

Moscow is the capital city of Russia. The city is so big that it can be called a country because it has a population of about 12 million.

Moscow has a very popular park called Gorky that has many visitors during weekends.

Moscow boasts the largest number of billionaires in the world. According to the Forbes, there are 84 billionaires in the city with the combined wealth of 367 billion dollars. New York takes second place in this ranking with its 62 billionaire residents.

Ivanovskaya Gorka (Hill) is the oldest part of Moscow and most monuments and historical buildings are located in this place that is very attractive for tourists.

There is a river called Neglinka that is just outside of Kremlin. But you can’t swim there.

 Lenin Library is the largest in Europe, with its 43 million objects storage (maps, sheet music, sound recordings, rare books, dissertations, newspapers). In the 70s at the peak of the popularity of The Beatles, the library was tagged as the “Lennon Bitlioteka”.

During its long history, Moscow burned countless times. Since the houses were mostly wooden, the fire spread very quickly and covered the entire city in minutes. In 1737, during one of the strongest fire, broke the just cast Tsar Bell.

The Kremlin, as we know it, was built by the Italians. When in the XV century its walls and temples got seriously dilapidated and needed repair, the Russian architects were unable to cope with this problem. So the Grand Duke Ivan III invited foreign experts to Moscow, under the leadership of which were built new temples and walls.

The highest monument in Moscow is Victory Obelisk, 141.8 meters high. Each 10cm of its height represents one day of the Great Patriotic War. It was opened on 9 May 1995.

In general, the city is a historical and alive city that is fun to go to and see a different culture and people with different activities during day and nights.


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