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17 Jan
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There are many things that you may not know about the hotel rooms that you go and stay for some days. The blankets, sheets, or the things around you in the room may not get as much cleaned as you may think about.

Here are some other things that may be good to know about.


Free things

There are some items that are only for one-time usage but the hotel doesn’t care about it and they may use that item again for another guest staying in their hotel.


Place expenses

You may find a good staying expense in a location but when you go there, the hotel adds other expenses such as the net, using the pool or the gym which is not really fair. A good hotel always tells you the real expense that includes everything.



Be careful about the dishes that are used in the kitchen. Even in the very luxurious hotels, the maids may not wash the glasses or other dishes the way that they really should. So, be sure that the glass you are drinking water from is really clean and sterilized.



Always try to tip the hotel staff after they do their service. They do special things to make it more pleasant for you to stay there more.



If you have any problems, it is the staff responsibility to know about your complaints and try to solve them.


Don’t disturb

The hotel staff should honor the sign and whenever you use the sign or the light they know that they shouldn’t disturb you while in your room.


By knowing about your rights for staying in a hotel you will have a better staying with the right expectations.

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