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19 Dec
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You’re going to understand the importance of using English to English dictionary and how to use it.

It’s difficult to use a monolingual dictionary but it’s worth trying. There are some special times you need to use a bilingual dictionary. But now let’s review the reasons you need to know how to use a monolingual dictionary.

1) Prevent translating

The main reason is the same reason to why your teacher insists on talking in English in a classroom. If you are able not to use the L1 part of your brain then you’re able to think in English, so you’re speeding up the comprehending skill. While using a monolingual dictionary, you’re reading in English and avoiding using your language.

2) Double practice

Most of the learners face this problem that they encounter a difficult word when they’re looking for a word which they don’t know its meaning. The problem got harder! If you choose the right dictionary, this problem will rarely happen. If you are always struggling with this problem, you better use a simpler dictionary such as “Elementary Learners Dictionary”.  If you still have the problem, it means that the difficult word is too common and you’re doubling your practice by searching for its meaning.

3) Classification

There are different kinds of monolingual dictionaries. IF you’re using an “Intermediate Learners Dictionary” and you can’t find the word you’re looking for, so it’s not important for you to know this words in this level of knowledge. If there are a lot of unfamiliar words in a text, so it’s a hard passage for you and you should choose another passage.

4) Some of the words can’t be translated

Another problem is when the learner understands the meaning but can’t find its equivalent word in her/his own language. So it’s time to looking for the word in a bilingual dictionary. But it’s not always an effective way because some words can’t be translated into every language.

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