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10 Oct
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Microsoft ends its quest to introduce phone to market

According to the latest news out of Microsoft, the Windows Phone it has so desperately been working on is officially dead and the mega project abandoned. This, according to a number of news agencies like the Express and the Independent, was announced by Joe Belfiore this week in an attempt to notify the product’s potential costumers. There were many different issues that had been haunting the company’s everlasting project, but to the no so much surprise of everyone, the decision was finally made in order to help everyone, including Microsoft, move on to better things. The primary issue surrounding the decision has been the shortage of users that has caused companies not to invest. Further, this news has now come at a time when Microsoft’s General Manager has something interesting up his sleeve. According to the Express, Mr. Gavin has added that what may eventually come out as a smartphone in the future is not going to ‘resemble what we know and think of a phone today.’ This was the end to Microsoft’s yet another attempt at grabbing some direct market share, as it struggles to compete with Android and iPhone. According to Forbes Magazine, for Microsoft, the equilibrium can only come at a point when the company wants ‘to keep hardware competency as much as possible,’ for a future, within which hardware evolves and opportunities call. Thus it is safe to say that the so called Surface Phone is dead and Microsoft may live to compete another day.
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