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18 Sep
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If you ask people about the word “Meditation”, their most probable answer will be “it's worship or pray”, but it’s not a correct answer.

Whatever you do with awareness, without any distraction, is meditation and make you feel relaxed. Watching your breath for some time without any other thoughts is a kind of meditation.

Actually, meditation is not about acting or doing something, it’s a state which you either are in this state or not. A Man doing a speech can be in this state while another man sitting on top of a mountain can be so far from this state.

In other words reducing the activities of your mind and limiting them to one is meditation, we can consider it as a lifestyle which has become very popular with all kinds of people.

Despite all its popularity, very few of us really know what meditation is.

The word meditation is derived from two Latin words: meditari (to think, to exercise the mind) and mederi (to heal).

How does it work? With regular practicing of some specific techniques, you will let the energy of the body and the mind go and you’ll feel that your concentration ability has expanded obviously.

Some common wrong beliefs about meditation are:

Meditation is concentration: the definition of concentration is to put all your attention on a particular thing for a long time, but you can do meditation even if you’re doing a lot of works together.

Meditation is exercise: Exercising can help to meditate more professionally but it’s not the actual definition of meditation.

Meditation can effectively reduce the stress level and qualify the lifestyle by decreasing health costs.

In a word the goal of meditation is bringing the inner peace and leading to the state of thoughtless awareness, in advance it makes you live at the moment not at the unchangeable past. 

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