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8 Nov
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Who is a medical technologist and what does he/she do?

The major medical technology is about the science of different tests that are done in the medical laboratories. Nowadays if you get sick and go to a doctor the first thing that your doctor may ask you to do is doing some tests. The test results then help your doctor to treat and cure you more precisely. The tests are done on your blood or other body fluids.

The person who does these tests and makes sure that they are being done properly is called a medical technologist.



How to be a medical technology

First, you have to apply to for a university. If you are going to go to a university that is in an English language country and it is not your native language the first thing that it asks you to do is passing IELTS or TOEFL exam.

After being admitted in one of these English tests then you can submit your grades to see if you are eligible for the enrolment. The university lets you know about your eligibility.

If you are then you are ready to start the major. To get a BS in the field you have to spend three years at the university and one year in a hospital for the practical year of your education.

The eligibility for the hospital is also the student responsibility because there are special hospitals having the program.

Medical technology is a field or major that is needed all over the world and the salary is also good.


What are the different departments in a clinical laboratory?

A medical technologist should be able to perform tests in the following departments:

Hematology, blood bank, biochemistry, serology, urinalysis, microbiology, and hormones.

The tests in the departments are done manually or automatically depending on the country or the area that the lab is.

In modern countries, most of the tests are done by automated instruments whereas in less modern ones some tests are still done manually.

In any rate, a technologist should know both ways just in case.


So next time if you had a blood test know that a medical technologist makes every effort to do them for you in the best possible way.

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