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7 Feb
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If you’ve ever tried massage, you agree that it’s the most pleasant experience in the world. You may not be aware of regular massage’s physical and mental benefits. There are different kinds of massages such as deep tissue to light Swedish massage. It can’t be substituted for medical treatments but if you do it regularly, you can prevent a lot of diseases or even slow down the progress of your disease.

Relieving pain: regular massage helps to relieve pain. The therapist, with focus on the muscles that have got cramped and some parts which need treatment, relaxes the muscles and helps to increase the blood flow in those special parts. This relieves the pain which has been caused by sports injury and arthritis. Actually, you won’t need any pain killer anymore if you regularly attend to massage sessions.

Boosting immune system: a lot of studies show that besides boosting immune system regular massage can be helpful in decreasing the level of stress-related hormones which weaken the immune system. In a study done by New Jersey university researchers, they found that applying massage on those students who were nervous about the exam was really helpful in reducing stress level.

Fibromyalgia pain relief: Massage reduces Fibromyalgia pain according to research conducted by the Toch research institute in Miami. According to the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, therapeutic massage reduces stress hormones and also decreases anxiety and depression in a patient who is suffering from fibromyalgia pain is a faster way of reducing pain than the electrical stimulation of nerves.

Controlling stress: performing regular massage is an effective way to control stress. When people are involved with a lot of responsibilities in their family or workplace they are really stressed. Weekly massage or two weeks a time forces you to give yourself some relaxing time.

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