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15 Jan
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Martha Kostyra Stewart is a well-known woman in America because of her show businesses that are performed on TV. In the following article, we have a brief talk about her life.

Martha was born on the 3rd of August in 1941 in Jersey City, New Jersey state in a polish family. She was the second child of the six children in the family and because of the crowd in the family, her mother had to sew all the clothes and Martha also learned how to sew too. Other things that were learned by Martha were cooking, household chores and all the cookies and delicious cakes that were made for the family during Christmas ceremonies were made by Martha and her mother. She also learned how to dry vegetables and fruits.

Her father was a hard-working farmer and so Martha learned things about gardening and things related to cultivation and plantation. So, the mother from one side good with all the house chores and father from the other side good with gardening and all, Martha became a very knowledgeable person with all the abilities that she could learn from her parents.

She also was a fan of journalism, sport, and art at school and she participated in most activities run at her school. In all of them, Martha was number one.

Martha had to work part-time to pay for her tuition at school and one of the jobs that she did was modeling but it didn’t cause her to be behind her homework and school work in general because she was always a top student at her classes. She was a person that when she did something she would do it out of love and concern and she never complained about anything. When she graduated from high school she was one of the top ten people in high school.

After graduation, she decided to study chemistry but she ended up majoring in history at Barnard College.

After entering the college in the second year she met Andrew Stewart and the friendship ended up in marriage in 1965. Martha sewed her own wedding gown with the help of her mother.

They bought an old house and Martha redecorated the house herself and made a beautiful house out of it. After six years they had a child named Alexis. After that Martha entered the exchange money stock and as usual she was successful again. Martha also started managing a company that was in charge of wedding ceremonies and it was during these ceremonies that Martha became friends with editors and publishers. She published a book in 1982 that is still on the shelves and is on sale.

After a while, she was invited on TV to have some shows and programs and she was going up the success stairs in her business life.

On the other hand, she had some domestic problems with her husband that caused her the separation and divorce.

Martha entered the money exchange stock in 1991 and in one night she became a billionaire.

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