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4 Feb
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Marco Polo was a world traveler and also a merchant in the 13th century who has written his trip memories in a book named “The travels of Marco Polo”. He’s known for his travels and his book.

The book is also known by the name of “Marvels of the World” or “Description of the world”. It played a main role in introducing central Asia and China to European.  He learned business principles while his father and uncle were traveling to Asia. They came back to Venice in 1269 and met Marco for the first time. After a plenty of time, they got ready to travel to Asia again, this time with the 17 years old Marco. They came back to Venice after 24 years while Venice was involved in a war against the Republic of Genoa.

Marco arrested during the war and he started explaining his trip stories for his cellmates. He released from prison in 1299, and then he became a rich person and got married. He died in 1324 and was buried in San Lorenzo. Such trips and Marco Polo adventures inspired people like Christopher Columbus.

Actually, He started his trips with his father and uncle in their second trip to East in about 1270. His trips continued to Palestine, Iran, Turkestan and China and his return took place in 1292 AD through Sumatra, Java, Ceylon, India and finally the Black Sea coast, Constantinople and eventually arrived in Venice. Venice airport of Marco Polo and Marco Polo ship is named after him for his memorial. Several films and books have also been written about him.

“The travels of Marco Polo” is the name of the book written by Roostiklo da Pisa based on the story of Marco Polo’s travels in the 13th century. This book is about the palaces and glory of Mughal emperor and also the people and their culture, temples, stunning gardens and Asian deserts. Actually, Roostiklo was his cellmate who wrote his stories and he has also added some parts to the stories by himself.

This book became popular soon in Europe and was known by the name of ‘The travels of Marco Polo”. This book explained the lifestyle in the Far East, China, India, Japan and Iran for the very first time.

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