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15 Apr
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Your answer should always guide the others to make an informed decision.

There are two ways to help a person to make a decision:

1- Ask yourself: “how usually this person makes decisions?” most of the people need a plenty of time in order to decide about something. Some are slow and some others are too fast. You can impress who decide fast, but there is more time need to spend for slow people.

2- Try to use all ways to decide.

Having enough time is so important in the decision-making process. If you want people to decide quickly, you may scare them and you won’t get your desired result. Keep in mind that if you act slowly, you’ll lose your chance. Pay attention to these signs, these usually show you that a person is ready to make a decision:

- Bending forward and showing interest in your talking

- Head up and a good eye contact

- Putting hands under the chin

- Shaking head as a sign of approval and laughing as a sign of accepting your talking

- Changing the tone of your voice when responding

- Asking for more information

- Asking you to repeat what you said before

- Taking notes

- Asking questions such as: “If…” or “Imagine that…”

- Revising your proposed scheme

- Asking for details

One of the good ways to avoid deciding is to say:” I have to think about it.”

You should pay attention that some people just use this phrase as an excuse; they don’t really tend to think about your suggestion. You better ask these people:” what are you exactly going to think about?”, “is there an implementation problem?”, “Do you have a problem with timing the project?”

After recognizing the problem, you should prepare a good answer for that.

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