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11 Dec
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Importance of a logo

A logo is a special picture or sign to introduce a company. It is one of the most important factors that should be considered seriously at the beginning of your activity. It is especially important when it is related to a brand where it is also related to a large number of people. There are many things that should come to your mind while creating a logo. But be careful not to make the following mistakes.


First mistake: pretty only in one size

Don’t design a logo where it is nice and pretty only in zoom phase. Make sure to make it in a way that it looks pretty in all sizes.


Second mistake: your logo looks like a Picasso work

Don’t make a very strange and odd design. Sometimes logos have some details that make it pretty but when printed on different materials they don’t have that nice look anymore.


Third mistake: Can you make a logo for me by the end of tonight?

Whether you are a logo designer or not spend enough time on designing it. It doesn’t matter if you get tired or if it gets boring for you to think about logos but the important thing is to know that a bad logo can ruin everything or make people be away from you.


Fourth mistake: too much of everything

Your logo is supposed to be for the audience who with one glance at it decide about the quality of your job. If after looking at your logo you ask yourself isn’t it too messy? Then know for sure that it is. Try to use less color and make simpler designs or whatever you can think of.


Fifth mistake: copying

Maybe your competitor is successful but it doesn’t mean that the way working for him works for you too. Have your own creation and don’t copy anything from them. Make a special one for yourself in a way if compared with your competitor you look more special. Use a different color or different design.


Sixth mistake: logos with expiration dates

You should be careful to choose something that works for a long time but it doesn’t mean that you avoid changing or being up to date but the design should be in a way that it lasts for a long time.

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