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20 Nov
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The way you walk or talk, the things you say or think about, the place you go and live, the people you meet or work with, the dress you wear or buy, the city you travel to or live in…how much is really real about you? When you talk about something is it really what you want to say? The things you think about, can they come true or do you do anything to make them happen in reality? The places that you go, are the ones that you really like? Do you like the place you live? What about the people? Do you like the ones you spend the time with? Or the people you work with? Do you enjoy their existence? What about that dress you wear every day? Are you satisfied or do you have to wear them? When you go shopping can you buy the things that you really want to or do you buy the things out of habit or force of nature? The city you are living now; do you like it or do you like to leave it forever? If so, where would you like to go? What is so good about the place you would like to go to?

All these questions are asked because most of the answers will show that more than fifty percent of people have to do what they are doing.

We cannot talk about anything we like. We cannot bring everything in our mind to real life. We cannot wear whatever we want and enjoy. Even sometimes we hate the people who are in our lives and we have to tolerate them every time we see them.

Have you asked yourself why?

Nowadays, the human being is living like a captive in the hand of the invisible forces around us. Forces like our governments, technology, ethics, decency or even our customs and habits. Maybe that’s why many people are no longer happy with their lives and are depressed and disappointed about the future.

The technology is improving every day. Science is finding more things out every day. People are less dying of illnesses and poverty and education is getting better and better throughout the world.

But how come people’s lives are not getting happier and merrier?

Maybe it’s time to overcome the invisible forces around us that make us do things we don’t like.

Maybe it’s time to have revolutionary thoughts about the way we live and the facts that are ruling us over.

We can either continue the way we are living or change it to a better pathway. It all depends on us.

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