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15 Nov
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Madrid, the capital of Spain is a very crowded city. It is famous for its music, history, and football. If you like the nightlife in a historical city, then Madrid is the city for you.

Geographical situation Madrid is the biggest city and the capital of Spain which is also located in the middle of Spain plateau. Madrid is two hours behind Tehran’s time.


Brief history

Madrid is less old comparing to other famous cities in Spain like Barcelona or Valencia and the oldest part of the city goes back to the ninth century. At that time most of its parts were under Muslims control and they built the castle Almadina. The castle was captured later on by the sixth Alfonso. In the 15th century, Madrid was in a place called Castile which is now known as Toledo and it had a kingdom to role over the place around.

After some wars happening on those days the Muslims were out and today’s Madrid was built.


General information

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

Adolfo Suarez: The international airport is within 12 Kilometers reach from Madrid.



The climate is changeable with the changing seasons. The temperature goes as high as 40 degrees in summer and as low as 6 degrees in the coldest months. In spring the weather is mild and there are fantastic sceneries out there to enjoy. The best time to travel there is in spring or fall because the weather is mild and nice.


Traveling expense

Madrid is fairly a cheap European city and the traveling doesn’t cost you much. In general, you need only 40 to 50 euros for each day if you go there.

The staying expense in the hotels is from 170,000 Tomans for 3-star hotels to 600,000 Tomans for 5-star hotels.

As far as the eating expense concerns you have to pay 6 to 13 euros for each meal that you have. If you want to eat at a fairly good restaurant, then you have to pay 24 euros for each meal. If you would like to make your own food, then depending on your taste you are going to need 35 to 40 euros to buy your needs in a week. 


Places to go

When you decide to go for sightseeing you can use the metro or rent a bike or just take a taxi to go around and enjoy the different places that this beautiful city has for you to add to your life experience.

Places like Plaza de Cibeles, Museo Reina Sofia, Palacio Real, Gran Via.


Do’s and don’ts in Madrid

Watch out for pickpockets, gypsies, and vendors who may get extra money from you.

Tipping in Madrid is not a custom and if you would like to tip a waiter then just pay up to five percent of your bill.

Be careful about your tone of voice because they don’t tolerate a very high volume of your voice.

In emergency cases, you can call 061 and for fire department 080 and the police 092 can be dialed.

Dinner is rarely served before nine o’clock in Madrid and the lunch time is usually between 1 to 3.


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