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19 Feb
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Is it possible to love everybody? Is it possible to approve everybody’s actions? The more positive you are the better feeling you will have inside. It certainly doesn't mean liking or agreeing with everyone but you can do your best to respect every person's dignity, to listen to their story and to use love as the pathway to gaining, at the very least, an understanding of the other. Here are some suggestions for ways in which you might find the capacity to "love everybody".


Find the good in everybody

The first step that you should take is thinking positive about everyone that you meet or are living and working with. Even about the people who are passing you in streets.

It may seem hard at first but do the following:

Find at least one to three things about the other person that strike you as being interesting, admirable, inspiring, cool, special, etc. It must be something that you consider a positive aspect.

Keep trying until you manage this. It becomes a fun thing to do, to challenge yourself to this task until it is achieved.


Don’t judge others

If we don’t have judgmental thoughts about others, then we will not think negative or even positive about others. We just accept them as they are.

Accept that we all have our weaknesses and strengths and in order to have a healthy life it is important to tolerate each other.


Decide to like others

Classify people by their outlook, tell yourself that "she/he is pretty". Not too much detail, just "pretty" is sufficient. And say this loud in your head. Sooner or later you will start to automatically look for and repeat the nice and the kind things about people to yourself, and therefore you will start to like other people better.


So, as you can see it all depends on our own imagination and manners towards others. Although there are really nasty people around that we cannot like at all we shouldn’t judge people before something happens.

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