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9 Dec
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As you know, a logo is a special sign or picture to introduce a company. It’s one of the most important things you should consider at your first steps of developing your company. In this article, we’re going to review some terrible mistakes in designing logos which is leading your company to an absolute fail.

In an appropriate logo, you can see elements seating next together in their right place. The goal is to design a logo which gets the public attention among all these different logos as you can never forget it.

Mistake 1: some logos seem beautiful only in one special font size

Don’t design a logo which seems beautiful only when you zoom in! (It can also be zooming out). You should test your logo in different sizes to make sure that it delivers the concept and the beauty in all different sizes.

Mistake 2: don’t try to be Picasso!

Don’t try to design complicated and weird logos. Sometimes you design a logo which its so many details seem beautiful or special, but you will face problems in printing it on different kinds of papers or fabrics.

Mistake 3: give it enough time.

You should spend enough time on designing a logo whether you’re a professional designer or not. You may get tired and your ideas may get duplicate or you may get sick of any logo… it’s not important.

Believe this fact that a bad logo can ruin everything, without any exaggerating.

Mistake 4: Don’t steal ideas

The other companies may be successful, but it’s not a reason that their strategy works for you too. Be unique, creativity always brings success. Designing a logo is the first step to design your identity distinctive and unique.

Mistake 5: Using family names and racial symbols

You and your family may love a special sign or word or a design may mean something special to you but you should consider that your brand is supposed to have other audiences too.

Even if you are managing a family company, don’t choose a logo carrying your family name or a special thing about your family. This is not attractive to other people or even it can bring a bad feeling. 

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