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1 Mar
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Our eyes are very important for us and we should know how to take good care of them especially the ones who use contact lenses. Yet there are some people who don’t know how to properly use them and cause infection for their eyes. The following article mentions the mistakes that some people make while using contact lenses.


Sleeping with contact lenses

Since our eyes like other parts of our body need oxygen and during our night sleep the usage of oxygen is minimized then if you use contacts then that becomes even less. The only thing that you can do to help is not to sleep with them.


Touching your contact lenses with dirty hands

If your hands are dirty and you touch your contact lenses, then bacteria and dirty things can easily be attached to them and from there they are transferred to your eyes. Before any touching wash your hands thoroughly.


Contact lenses are not clean enough

It’s true that the washing solutions for lenses don’t need rubbing them but it’s better to have a perfect washing put some solution on the palm of your hand and rinse your lenses with it while rubbing them for about twenty seconds with another hand. Never use water for rinsing or washing your contact lenses.


Using the rinsing solution many times

After you are finished with the rinsing don’t you ever pour back the solution into the main bottle. Throw away the solution used and never use it even for the second time.


Using contact lenses while taking a bath or swimming

Since the water inside of your bathtub or swimming pools is not sterilized and is full of bacteria if you use contacts they can easily go inside of your eyes and be trapped between your eye and the lenses.


Using contact lenses for a long time

Try not to use contact lenses during weekends and use your glasses to rest your eyes.

It’s better not to use lenses for more than 12 hours.


Now that you know these if you use contacts it’s better to consider the above sayings.

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