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17 Oct
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Some people have dreams about going abroad and living there. They think that all their problems will go away and they will live happily ever after. Actually, the reality is something else. It is not easy to go to another country with different language and culture and start all over. Let’s look at some problems that can be there waiting for you.


The first thing that you need to know about going to another country is the language. Even if you have some background about the language you may still have a problem understanding them. So, it takes you some time to know and learn the new language, which for some people may take longer than they had thought.



Not only the language must be learned but the culture should be understood too. There are many misunderstanding in people that are related to cultural differences that may cause problems. So, you need to live there for a while to be familiar with the people and the way they live.


Money is always the issue, even in your own country. You should be able to find a job to earn money or have enough savings to support yourself. Therefore, surviving is another problem.



Depending on the country that you go you may have different lifestyle problems. The ideology that you have may be very much different from the people who are living around you. The food they eat may not be your favorite taste. Thus, the new lifestyle can be an issue too.



Yes, the place is where you wanted to be, but suddenly you start missing your hometown, your family, and friends. You get homesick. Homesick people may get depressed and anxious for going back home.


The weather

Even if you knew how the weather is in the new country that you have gone, to live there is another thing. Sometimes it is not what you can tolerate or even expected.


Finding a job

If you don’t have enough savings, then you have to find a job to support yourself. If you don’t know the language well and you are not familiar with the people and the culture, then finding a job is really a challenge for you. No job and no money can be disastrous.

All in all, what you should know about going to another country for living is that before considering it has enough information and knowledge about all the issues mentioned here and then decides whether to go or not.

The scene can be nice and beautiful from far, harsh and frustrating from near. 


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