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24 Feb
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Do you think that it is only humans who can inspire us or teach us a lesson? If yes, then you are wrong. Animals especially our pets can teach us many things. The following article is about a woman who has two dogs as her pets and she has shared the things she has learned with us.


Persistence pays off

According to her saying if her dogs want something they do anything to get that. Here is what she said:” My dogs are nothing if determined. If I put a beloved toy or bone out of reach? They’ll literally move furniture in order to access it. When don’t they want to be stuck in their kennels? They’ll fiddle with the latch until the door opens.”


Don’t sweat on the small stuff

Another inspiration that she gets from her dogs is this: “To be clear—my dogs really get worked up about the small things. A delivery on the doorstep accompanied by a ring of the doorbell clearly signifies the end of the world for them.

But, after they’ve barked and sprinted around like a bunch of crazed gremlins for two minutes? They curl back up, close their eyes, and resume their snoring—like nothing ever happened.

For someone like me—who’s a self-proclaimed champion grudge-holder—that concept seems so foreign. When something gets me bent out of shape, I’ll continue to obsess over it for the rest of the day (or, perhaps more honestly, the entire week).

My dogs? They inspire me to just let things go—at least until the doorbell rings again.”


Taking breaks is necessary sometimes

According to her taking break is sometimes necessary: “I’ve never been great at taking breaks from my work. Pressing pause on my to-do list and stepping away from my desk always leaves me feeling totally guilt-ridden and lazy.

However, there’s nothing like a dog twitchily dozing in the afternoon sun to remind you of the fact that a little self-care is important every now and then.

Plus, a mandatory mid-day walk is just the ticket to force you to take some much-needed time away.”


These were just a few things that she learned from her dogs and still, if you look at your pets (if you have any) you can also learn something from them.


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