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2 Jan
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Is it really necessary for children to play games? How does it affect their personalities and characters?

There is a number of advantages that playing games are good and essential for children.



Some games need to be creative. These kinds of games make their mind active and the game gives them an opportunity to use their own mind and thinking to make something. So, playing these kinds of games makes them creative.



Some other games are in a way that it needs a child’s creative mind to build something. Aside from being creative they should invent or make something and that helps them to think more and by making something they will have self-confidence.


Be flexible

In some games when you have to play with others you should be flexible enough to be able to play with others and kids playing with other kids should be flexible enough to get along with others and play the game.


Making friends

When children play a game it is not only their skills that are mentioned above but the way they play with others makes them have or make a bond with their partners. The ability to make friends and stay friends is one thing that they learn while playing a game.


Spending time

We all know how kids can be on our way sometimes, especially parents who don’t have enough time to tolerate their nagging presences. By playing games children spend some time with their own friends and parents can have their own time to spend in whatever way they wish.

On the contrary playing games with family can cause the whole family members to feel closer together and have fun with each other.


So, as you can see playing is essential for our children either for their characters or the time that they can have to themselves and make us free. After all, we all have good memories from our childhood about our games and playing times.

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