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16 Nov
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We all live in a way that sometimes it is necessary for us to move and change our home or neighborhood. What happens to your friends if you have to move to another city or even country? Do you forget about each other or you still keep in touch? Here are some ways that you can go through to keep your friends even from a long distance.


Send each other photo messages

With the smartphones that exist these days, it is much easier to take selfies and share special moments with our loved ones. This way you will not miss each other’s special time and you both enjoy the moments.


Be on the same page of the social media

By having all the net applications there is no excuse for not having any news from your friends. Share a social media together to know about each other’s timeline or activities that you do daily.


Video chat often

To see each other’s face is a good idea from time to time, even if you don’t have much to say. Just by making faces and having fun together you can make a memorable time.


Watch a movie at the same time

It is a good idea to choose a movie together and watch it at the same time. You can share ideas about it by messaging each other and share what or how you feel about the movie. It feels like you are next to each other and watching it together.


Keep up to date with each other

New job offers, new love interests — those types of things will come up in any conversation you have with your friend. Knowing the more random things about one another’s days will help you feel like no one is like your friend in the whole world.


Remember the old memories together

Sharing and talking about the old memories causes to make a stronger bond together. Remember the time you met each other, the funny times you shared in past or any other things that bring you happiness from the old time.


Have a mini trip

If you live in two different cities then find out about a place that is halfway for both of you and has a mini trip to that place, this way you both enjoy traveling and spending time together.


There are other ways that you can keep in touch so that you don’t forget each other. Whatever you do, don’t forget about each other’s lives and stay in touch with each other day even if it is only for one minute.


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