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1 Nov
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Our planet earth is the only place we have got to live in, therefore we should keep it as clean as possible to not only have a safe and nice place for ourselves to live but for our future generations as well.

How can we keep our environment clean and useful? Here are some points that can be considered.


Use fewer cars

In many countries now they are trying to use fewer cars and more cycling or walking around. Using bikes and walking is not only good for our health but also they don’t cause any pollution.

Another way of not using your cars is using public transportation. Again, fewer cars in the streets equal to less air pollution for you to breathe.

There is another useful thing that you can do to help using fewer cars and that is having a carpool. A car picking up different people here and there can cause again fewer cars in the streets.

Fewer cars mean less commuting and if you would like to shop then do it online. There are many suitable online sites for you to provide your needs by just asking them online and drop them by your door.


Reduce food waste

Food is another factor that can cause pollution to our environment. In fact, the amount of global food waste produced each year is more than enough to feed the nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world.

One way of avoiding too much food waste is to have a shopping list when we go to get our food supplies from supermarkets. If we know exactly what we want and need then we don’t wander around and take whatever we see and like that may not even be used later on.

Another way of reducing food waste is to track the expiration dates in order not to pass the date and then having to put them in the trash.

Also, using smaller plates can help us having less trash or leftovers. If you try to love your leftovers, then it can be another help to reduce food waste.


Get rid of harmful objects for environment

Plastic bottles and plastic bags are the major objects that donate pollution to our environment. Since the way of getting rid of them is not easy and their waste is going to stay with us for a long time then it is suggested to use paper bags or your fabric bag for shopping and less bottled drinks.



There are still many ways that we can follow to keep our planet clean and safe for ourselves but the important point to consider is that don’t stop doing the activities that were mentioned here. Each one of us is responsible and the time to do so is right now.

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