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10 Feb
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Some believe that immigrants have caused job issues as they steal jobs and destroy economies; also they think that culture problems are a result of increased number of immigrants.

Other groups are against of this opinion, they believe that immigrants guarantee labor shortage; also they’re the key to economic growth.

The immigrants make about 3 percent of world population, since early 1900 the number of countries increased by four times, so it has affected the number of immigrants, which has categorized into 4 groups: Economical, students, families and refugees.

As mentioned in the last line the economic group is the most populated, over one-third of American’s and European’s immigrants are skilled. They make a vital part of their society as profitable they are in the way of talent. Most of the founders of famous companies such as Google, Yahoo!eBay, PayPal, and Intel are skilled immigrants.

Another important group is unskilled migrants who serve at agricultural and construction part.

Research of San Francisco Bank shows that “immigrants increase the economy’s capacity by their professions, which produces efficiency and boosts income per worker”.

Some economists believe that if the borders become open to all workers the world’s economy will expand to $39 trillion over 25 years.

Due to a research on ageing population, North America, Europe, and Japan are going to need more workforces until the year 2050; it shows that there were 14 million people over the age of 80 in 1950 which they’ve become over 100 million today and simulations shows that  there will be about 400 million people over 80 by 2050.

Ian Goldin, the Director of Oxford Martin School and professor of globalization and development, University Oxford quote that:” Migration has always been one of the most important drivers of human progress and dynamism.” 

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