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9 Jan
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It’s perfectly normal for children who have newborn babies for their siblings. But how can parents deal with the problem? How can they prevent too much jealousy from their side?

The following text is about how to prevent too much jealousy.


Dad should be more involved with the newborn at home

While mom is the core or center of the family and the older child or children are looking for the mom to hug them and pay attention to them the role of dad becomes important here. The father of the house should hug the newborn more so that older children don’t think they are losing their mother’s attention.


Make your older child a hero

Whenever the mom has enough time to spend with the older child she should talk with the older child or children and make it sure for them that they are the older and wiser ones. So, they picture themselves as a hero for the baby.


Let the bonding happen

Then let Big Sister sit and hold the baby, helping her to support his head. Bonding experts say that babies' heads give off pheromones, and when we inhale them, we fall in love and begin to feel protective. The more your older child snuggles the new sib, the better their relationship is likely to be.


Don’t forget about your older child attention

Delay potty training, making her give up her bottle or pacifier, etc. If she wakes up more often for your reassurance at night, and you can't go to her because of the baby, make sure Dad comforts her and parents her back to sleep. Expect regression. Let her be a baby as much as she wants to be without shame or guilt. Give her lots of extra love and attention.


Aside from all these suggestions try to have fairness in the family. While you are taking care of the newborn don’t forget about your older one's needs. Make everyone involved in the responsibilities that exist for the raising of the baby.

Spread the love at home by giving each other responsibilities in order to make everyone involved at home.

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