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8 Feb
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Have you ever thought why people in Japan live longer than others? Then read the following article to know why.


They eat a lot of vegetables

Traditionally, the Japanese eat lots of rice, veg, and fish — generally in that order — and Japan’s infatuation with fermented soy and seaweed means they have no lack of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial phytochemicals.


Different method of cooking

Japanese food involves a lot of steaming, pan-grilling, broiling, stir-frying, slow-cooking, and fermenting. They also have a habit of making at least one bowl of soup and usually, they prepare small dishes. It helps when they couple their veg and fish intake with lots of fiber from beans, rice, and often beans and rice.


Drinking tea

While coffee isn’t necessarily bad, there’s a huge tea drinking culture in Japan — and good quality Japanese tea contains far more antioxidants than coffee. This is especially true for Japan’s tea-time specialty: matcha, which is fine (and often expensive) powdered tea made of young leaves grown specifically to increase their chlorophyll and antioxidant content by depriving them of sunlight.


Fresh food

If ignoring the fast food from their menu, then Japanese eat their food fresh. The freshness helps them to get the real vitamins and minerals they need for their body.


Smaller portion

Japanese don’t eat a lot in a course. By having a smaller portion of food they have just enough food to enjoy.


They walk a lot

Part of daily Japanese life is the great commute — getting up, heading to the station, waiting for the train, standing in the train, walking from the next station to work, and getting on with life. Public transport is the norm in Japan. People jump on bikes and hop on trains — a car is considered a luxury. Many employees, such as those at Canon, work standing up.

Even going to the bathroom is different in Japan. While there are a lot of Western-style toilets available, old-school Japanese lavatories involve squatting, which is healthier for the bowels.


So, by having appropriate food and diet and exercising a lot it is no wonder that they live longer than any other population in the world.

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