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24 Dec
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Japan VS. UK





Japan has always been a country famous with the pace of life. In this article, we compare studying in Japan with the UK. The research is based on the opinions of a student called Ilaria Mancinelli.


Japanese a challenging language

The minute that you open a book in Japanese you will realize that it is a hard language to learn and it has three systems for its writing.

The challenging point of this language makes some people learn it and enjoy the challenge.


UK system is more flexible

Studying in the UK gives more flexibility to students to adjust their studies with their leisure time. Students can often find a part-time job or mingle their social life with their studies. But studying in Japan is more intense and faster. Tests after tests are offered each week and there is no time for you as a student to have free time and have a social life other than studying.


Your daily routine may change

People in Japan don’t have enough time to cook so, they mostly go to restaurants.

If you don’t have a habit to go out for eating, then this habit of yours may be changed since most people in Japan do that.



Other than the differences between the two countries there are some similarities in educational forms. In both countries, there are enough counseling for students to use or sports events for the students to join and enjoy.


Changes in habits

Because of the easiness of traveling in Japan if you don’t have a habit of traveling then you may change your idea there.

The transportation between cities is fast and easy and also very cheap. Therefore, it’s a good idea that the minute that you have free time to travel to areas with entertaining activities.


No need to speak Japanese fluently

Some people think that if you want to live in Japan then you need to know the language perfectly. But the idea is wrong. Most of the universities offer the courses in English and there is no need to know Japanese and most people know how to speak English therefore, no worry to go around without knowing their language.

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