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2 Dec
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Japan is one of those countries that has many strange things and every time that you go there, you will see something new and odd.

Here are some strange things about Japan and Japanese that you may not know about.


There are kinds of hotels that look like a capsule. They are rooms that are 2 meters by 120 meters height.

The earthquake in 2011 in Japan made a change in the Earth’s rotation and caused the length of days become 1.8 microseconds less than usual.

Sleeping at work is a symbol of hardworking in Japan and it may even cause a bonus or raise for the personnel.

The oldest independent company in the world is still working in Japan. The company’s activity goes back to 1400 years ago that was started in Osaka.

90 percent of the cell phones in Japan are water resistant because the youngsters use their cell phones even when they are taking a shower.

There are 5.5 million automatic vending machines that sell anything from toys and food to clothes.

If somebody commits suicide by jumping in front of a train, the family are fined because of causing a distraction for the railway system.

There are twenty ways of saying “I’m sorry” in Japan.

Salmon sushi was introduced by Norwegians to Japan in the 80s.

Disordered teeth are a fashion in Japan and are very attractive for people.

About 1500 earthquakes happen in Japan every year.

Japan is the biggest car producer in the world.

Japan uses 17 million tons of fish in a year.

There are some people working for the subway to push people into the metro in order for the doors to be closed so that the trains are not late.

A black cat in this country is a symbol of good luck.

Over 2 billion of comic Japanese books are sold in the country each year.

Okonoshima is an Island filled with rabbits that were taken there during world war II for doing tests on them.

Number 4 is a symbol of bad luck, so towers and tall buildings don’t have the fourth floor.


These were just some of the odd things about Japan that is good to know about.


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