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28 Nov
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INTERSTELLAR- Movie Introduction

INTERSTELLAR- Movie Introduction




This movie is directed by Christopher Nolan and the screenplay is written by Jonathan Nolan in 2014.  As its included different scientific topics based on the writer and director’s imagination and the adventure which flows in the film, it has made the film arouse the admiration of many critics and also it has raised many questions about space and time and the relationship between them.

From the beginning of the era of human thinking, Physics has included a mysterious secret of time. However, it may be the first steps of something which will seem a simple subject in future. According to a Dialogue of Anne Hathaway in film,” They may climb of the time like a mountain, but we can’t yet.”

Time is a principle that has been unknown to us, and that’s why it has restricted us. In more simple words, Time is like fluid flow such as water and it can be pulled by a force.

This is actually what Einstein's relativity law tells us. According to this law, everyone has its own time. What does it mean? We are physical bodies; we have weight so gravity affects us. The more our weight is, the more gravity affects us. As we mentioned, time can be pulled by a force of gravity. So the difference in the weights made us experience different time around every one of us.

The movie takes place in future. The earth is faced plant-based pest infestation and the lack of oxygen threats the lives of people on the planet. Cooper, who was a flying test pilot before, lives with his son and daughter on a farm. His daughter, Murphy, is an intelligent girl and has a strong emotional attachment to her father. Cooper visits a secret station which a spaceship is located in there.

The boss of this station, Brand, plans to send a spaceship to space in order to save humans, so this spaceship enters a hole beside the Saturn planet and finds a way to save Earth inhabitants. Brand asks Cooper to drive the spacecraft and he accepts that.

Interstellar is the boundary between science and the deep human emotions which are depicted in the form of an amazing movie. 

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