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24 Sep
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International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Developement




United Nations General Assembly named the year 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

It’s been done in order to reach this goal over 10 years:

To feel the importance of international tourism, Poverty reduction, know different cultures and at last international peace, it’s also a chance to make the sustainability concept becomes real (economically, socially, industrially and environmentally).

Achieving this goal is depended on two important factors: Appropriate design and strong management.

Applying unorganized management will lead countries to natural resources shortage, water shortage, pollution, and climate change cause tourism causes a huge increase in Energy and water consumption and also greenhouse gas emissions.

“As tourism continues to grow, so too will the pressures on the environment and wildlife. Without proper management and protection, as well as investments in greening the sector, ecosystems, and thousands of magnificent species will suffer,” Mr. Steiner said.

So the aim is to achieve the maximum level of tourism but the least harmful impacts.

Why sustainable tourism? How is it playing the main role in this debate?

UN Secretary, Ban Ki-moon declared this message in the World day: “The potential of tourism for sustainable development is considerable.”

These days, the fast-growing tourism industry has become one of the most beneficial factors in the economy; it also plays an impressive role in introducing cultures beyond the borders.

The other important issue that should be considered is Security and safety; everyone should help to reach a level that traveling to any place in the world seems possible, safe and transformative.

This concept was introduced at world travel market in London and has been supported by France, Republic of Korea, Morocco and also UN environment program.

France is at the top of the most visited list; receiving 85 million tourists in a year consider tourism as a vital factor in developing the economy. 

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