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9 Apr
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You’re going to read some short stories of successful and rich people in this article which can be golden rules of success in your life.

1) Guy Laliberte, the founder of an entertainment Cirque du Soleil company

Do what you love, but you should also look for money.

Guy Laliberte was a circus clown before starting his own company and he had studied high school. By government’s grants and his loyal guarantors and his hard work, the circus had set up for many years and made positive progress. His great idea turns the circus into a profitable company. He’s a billionaire now.

2) Suzi Orman, Financial Counselor

Save less, make more money.

She suggests people increase their income by applying some useful economical behavior instead of depriving themselves.  She had a good life when she was 35 but she was carrying a lot of debt. She couldn’t stop luxury life so she decided to find a way. She did everything she loved, she looked for some financial opportunities and now she has been spending almost $ 300,000 a year to travel around the world with her personal jet. So you should better spend your life on finding financial opportunities not collecting money.

3) Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Imitation is better than innovation!

Bill Gates started one of the most successful companies in the world with a credit worth of $ 67 billion under the license of the IBM operating system. The fact is that this software has been creating by copying another person’s codes. His weakness was not innovating, so he bought another software for $ 25000.

Innovation is not as valuable as using other’s ideas at the appropriate time.

4)Warren Buffett, investor

Getting skills is important but knowing right persons is more important.

When he was a young man, he started working on his investment idea but did not have the necessary efficiency he didn’t personally have much value to make a big move on the market. He did not get rich until he could not overcome his shyness. No one can become rich alone so you should find some effective people.

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