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7 Jan
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What is innovation?

- Using your ideas and imagination instead of using routine skills

- The ability and capability of coming up with new ideas and solutions

- The motivation of thinking differently

- Having side thoughts

When you come up with an idea which is less likely to happen, but you make it done is the definition of innovation. Greeks call it “EUREKA” or “The golden moment”. This is the only moment which creative people use the fewer possibilities to make the possible opportunities.

“bisociation” is a French word which means relating two irrelevant thoughts together. In other words, put the innovation or a productive idea in action!

For better understanding, think of an old toy which has a fixed handle and a rope which a ball is fixed to the end of that. They used this for measuring time many years ago. It isn’t an easy game to play, you should be creative.

A scientific example: let’s see how Pasteur used Bisociation to invent vaccination. He injected weakened Cholera viruses to the healthy chickens for the first time. Chickens resisted the disease and resisted.

If you look more carefully, you will understand that there is a golden moment in every comic characters or sentence. In that moment the listener or the person who is watching relates two irrelevant thoughts so it seems funny and hilarious. There is a joke here, pay attention: “Do you know that an Irish man beat the record of 200 meters running? He could run 103 meters!

There are two different thoughts standing against off together and they are almost explaining opposite ideas, this the reason which makes it funny and people laugh at. One of these ideas is time and the other is distance. When you hear that somebody has beat the record of 200 m, you’re definitely waiting for a less time than the recent record. When the narrator tells us about the 103 meters, this difference makes laugh.

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