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10 Jan
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What is influencing? It means going our way without forcing anyone to do anything. You can secretly affect a person. Also, you can use more obvious influencing techniques. In most of the business areas being influent is a necessity. If influencers can’t influence people to buy a book or read their blogs or…., they actually don’t have much power.

Professional influencers let the others put their ideas into practice while maintaining their relationship. If people feel that they’re deceived, you can’t easily establish a relationship. So, in order to plan for an effective influencing process you should review different solutions:

Most obvious influencing areas: in some cases such as business and investing you have to be an influent and effective person, but you should follow some specific influencing rules. You can also find obvious influencing in these areas: meetings, speech, conversations, change management, reports, explaining your ideas, administrative management.

Hidden influencing areas: as mentioned, influencing can happen obviously or hidden.  You may use some words without asking to be influent. If you use complicated words, they would be interpreted. So, if you want it or not you are affecting your environment.

Hidden influencing is commonly used in these areas: appearance changing, attitude changing, creating a communicational channel, establishing nonverbal communications, establishing friendly communications, healing your relationships, counseling, acting like a teacher.

What does make an influencing process better? If you achieve these items in your life, you are a successful person. What are these items?

- Express the usefulness of the influential people's ideas.

- Don’t resist as possible as you can.

- Find alternative ways of influencing.

- Listen what people say.

- Try to meet the needs.

- Always try to be focused on a specific topic.

- Pay attention to how they respond.

- Always try to establish friendly relationships and try to keep it going.

- Keep practicing.

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