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14 Dec
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Have you ever wondered how your English teacher tries to gain your attention in class?

When your teacher comes to your class there are some steps that must be followed:


Warm up

This part is the first part of the entrance to class. Depending on the day or the subject of the lesson a teacher tries to open up a discussion somehow to gain the students’ attention. It can be a simple question or say.


Pair up

To break the ice between students a good teacher pairs you up to talk about something. It’s each teacher’s strategy to choose a topic for the students to make them talk about something.



After each pair up the teacher asks each pair some questions either individually or as a group to see what they have talked about. Of course, the teacher should monitor the students while pairing them up.

The feedback tells the teacher how students are working and the students have already started talking and now ready for the main activity.


Main activity

The main activity can be anything about the four skills that are present in the textbook. Each one of them has a special way of approaching.

A good teacher follows those strategies to make you ready for the task.


Pair up or group work

Whatever the task is every time that the teacher teaches you something new he/she puts you in pair or group work to exchange ideas with others. To make sure that you have understood the subject some exercises are done too.


In an English class, the main thing for a teacher is to make you (student) interested in the subject and by having your attention new lessons are taught.

As a student you should get the new information and put it in the action that can be in the form of speaking, listening, reading or writing.

Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically and try to speak whenever you have time to have an English conversation.

It’s only in this way that you can use your English classes in a good manner, by being active and present in class.

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