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29 Apr
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Does speaking in a language other than your mother language affect your personality? Have you ever thought that your personality changes while you’re learning other languages? Actually, you’ll get the ability to find a new identity by learning other languages.

This is true, because learning a new language changes your personality, in other words, it gives you a new personality.

It doesn’t mean that you get personality disorders, so what really happens?

Speaking in other languages is like acting! The language you speak affects your attitude towards the world. a lot of researchers have proven this fact too.

They explain that our ideas and attitudes are derived from our culture and language. Speaking foreign languages gives you a new perspective to look at the world from different point of view.

Another linguist explains that our reasoning and intellectual implications shape in the form of the language we are thinking.

We explain our world by words. We can’t totally change our appearance but we have a great ability to change our thoughts. Now let’s have an example:

Think about your mother language, culture, and your social environment. For example, if you haven’t born in an Asian country you may have some superstitious thoughts about number 4. The language indicates the basic values and changes the shape of it.

If you live in a large city, you are different with somebody who lives in a county. Your values are different. It’s the chance of experiencing contradictory values while you’re learning new languages. So you are exposed to this contradiction unconsciously.

Some people are worried about the changing personalities, but it’s natural and there’s no need to worry. The major part of language learning is imitation. You’ll understand this fact if you become a member of an international group. Nothing can be more effective than experiencing.

All of these differences are because of cultural standards which are different in every society.





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