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2 Nov
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Usually, people look for their favorite job after graduation, but there are always different obstacles on their way. One of them is not being familiar with labor market! So they can’t find a job which fits their personality and abilities.

 So, what should we do?

1) Know your values.

You can’t be a specialist in any field unless you care about it, the reason is we live in a world full of competition and the only winner is hardworking and talented people! So consider these three things:

- You’re so interested in and caring about that job.

- You’re better than the others in that job.

- The advantage of doing this is so much that others are willing to pay you for doing it.

2) Try new things

Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who know what kind of jobs are exactly fits them, but if you don’t, don’t worry at all.

You should choose three jobs you love, and then ask these questions from their specialists:

- What made you enter this field?

- What do you like about this job?

- What don’t you like about this job?

- If you go back, what would you prefer to know before starting this job?

These questions will help you find your favorite job, but you should consider this that you won’t be able to understand your real feeling about that job unless you start working!

3) Learn from your experiences.

If you’ve passed Internship courses, analyze what you’ve learned from that, what you like about jobs and what you don’t.

4) Try your luck.

If you’re really looking for your favorite job and you’ve limited your choices based on the mentioned three steps, you should always try new things.

Actually, you should try so much that you can finally find your favorite job.Trying opportunities brings good things and also bad things for you; you better extract valuable points from your experiences and take advantage of them in future.

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