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29 Jan
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As many people, you may also think that constantly complimenting your children will make them a confident person but contrary to this belief it has more disadvantages than advantages. If your goal is to raise confident children, this won’t work. In this article, you’re going to know about some useful strategies to raise a confident and independent person without any spiritual damage.

It’s totally normal to admire your child when they gain success in school or kindergarten. Parents are the best supporters of the children. Encouraging your child when they’ve done something well does work great for both the child and also for the parent, this actually increases self- esteem. But you should know that complimenting is not the only way to increase your child’s self-confidence.

Think a little, there are a lot of better ways, to do this you should be able to stop your emotions. Let them risk in their life, provide them a chance to choose between different ways, let them lean on you while they’re solving problems and you should respect to their opinions and choices.

Here are some important factors in increasing self-esteem. Feeling your love, feeling security and peace and feeling being deserved and valued makes them confident. Parents get very happy with their child’s first steps. When they go to music class with the very first music that it comes out of the instrument you express a lot of emotions. This method decreases motivation.

When you exaggerate in expressing your emotions, you’re actually telling your children that they don’t need to work and practice anymore and they’re doing perfectly without any faults.

In fact, too much complimenting will decrease the self-esteem. Your children get confused that if they’re doing great or not? They may also become redundant to continue! If your child has problems in pronouncing you should tell him/her that you’re doing good most of the times but you should practice a little more. You’re actually telling them that your compliments are based on some reasons and they also become more motivated.

If you tell your children that you’re the most beautiful or the most intelligent person on the earth! She/he will face some situation which understands that she/he is not the best person in that community so it will hurt the self-confidence issue!

First, you should work on yourself and don’t be afraid of risk situations. Your children should provide opportunities in the society and use the chances so become responsible against the choices which have made.

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