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23 Oct
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We all like to look smart and intelligent in the business world. In order to be smart and intelligent of course we need to improve our knowledge and understanding but sometimes we can play its role and pretend that we are smart. How is that? How can we look smart or smarter than we really are? The following hints may help you.


Dress for success

The way we dress shows exactly our personality. How we dress affects how people will see us. Dressing well makes us more intelligent and showing more skin, on the other hand, doesn’t because people’s attention goes to our body, not our mind.


Wear glasses

Like dressing well how your face look has an effect on people’s idea about you. We usually think that people who wear glasses should be more intelligent and are smart. So, if you have a meeting or presentation to make and use glasses don’t forget to put them on.

Look them in the eye

If you have an interview or something, it’s better when you talk keep looking at the other person’s eyes. It makes you look more intelligent and smarter. It’s not only polite to do so but it has a sign for being confident that comes from your brain and intelligence.


Speak expressively

It has been shown that if two people talk about the same subject but one of them shows more enthusiasm and excitement, that one is known more intelligent to the eye of others. Therefore, if you want to talk about something show enough energy and do it expressively.


Believe in yourself

If you believe in yourself, it brings you self-confidence and others also get that feeling. Having self-esteem makes you look smart and more intelligent. If you have doubts in yourself then others will pick up that doubts and that is not something that attracts people and you look less smart.


Make graphs

If you have to show or prove something to others, then try to use graphs for that. It has been shown that if two people talk about the same thing, the one who has only written document is less acceptable than the one with the same information but has a graph for back up.


Depending on your situations and people around you may be there are other ways that you can use to look smarter, but these are just a few hints that you can consider.

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