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4 Jan
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Are you a kind of person who wakes up in the morning fresh and happy or you feel that you need to sleep more?

Here we suggest you some ways to start your day fresh and happy to start.


Have a good night sleep

An adult need to 7-8 hours’ night sleep. Therefore, try to have that time resting and sleeping in order not to wake up still sleepy. Of course, if you have had an activity that has made you tired during the day then you need more time to sleep and rest. So, manage your sleep time.


Sleep in a dark and quiet room

If your room is near street lights, then close your curtains to make your room dark and away from light. Another factor that needs to be avoided is the noise. Try to sleep in a quiet place where you are not distracted when you want to sleep, you may use earplugs to help you with the matter.

So, the place you sleep is very important. Reading a book is also helpful to make your eyes tired and ready to go to sleep.


Proper temperature

If your room is too hot, then you will not be able to go to sleep. Try to have your room cool and have some sheets on your bed in case of need.


Exercise during the day

Doing any exercise during the day will help your body to rest at night. Activities like walking, going to the gym, dancing but don’t exercise two hours before your sleep because your body will be too excited to go to sleep.


Eat and drink well

Don’t eat and go to bed early. Have your stomach full hours before you go to sleep and for drinking don’t drink any caffeine before your bedtime, instead, you can have herbal tea, warm milk or any relaxing beverages that help you for your sleeping situation.


Don’t take a nap

If you take a nap during the day, it will interrupt with your sleeping time and if you have to take a nap try to have it under half an hour.


By considering these hints, you will have a good night sleep.


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