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20 Sep
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fall activities



For each season there are special activities. Sightseeing and enjoying the blossoms is special for spring, sunbathing and swimming are the two major things for summer, and in winter everybody has fun with snow and making a snowman. But what about the season that is coming? What are the activities that can be done in autumn?

The weather is gradually getting chilly and cold, leaves are falling and trees are changing colors. Nature is completely changing, so we as people should change our activities too.

If you already know what to do it’s good. However, if you don’t have any ideas we give you some ideas to think about and if possible bring them to action.

Autumn is harvesting season, so look for the orchards in your region and enjoy the harvesting especially apples.

Visit a sunflower farm. Sunflower season is here! Take your kids to a farm to see the breathtaking flowers in full bloom while you can.

Sip on cider. Since there are apples everywhere in the orchards, why not have a cider to enjoy. Treat your body and soul.

Take your family or friends out. Take advantage of the mild weather and beautiful colors of changing leaves.Have a picnic or stay the weekend out in nature. Enjoy the outdoor beauty.

Have handcrafts at home. There are lots of colorful leaves out there when nature is changing its appearance why don’t we do it too. Bring something from outside or make a handcraft with autumn colors and change your home decoration. Change the spirit of your house.

Collect pinecones. There's so much you can do with these natural beauties. Use them to create a pretty fall centerpiece for holiday dinners, or turn them into a colorful home accessory.

Hike an area with fall foliage. Enjoy hiking at the weekends. Feel the dried leaves under your feet and enjoy the sound you make.

Walking outdoors is a great activity in fall. If you have kids who are small and cannot walk a lot choose a shorter and easier path for that.

Watch 'Hocus Pocus' together. Get a video or a film and watch it with your favorite people at home. Have fun and enjoy your time with loved ones right there at your own house.

Unplug for the day. Get everyone to turn off their cell phones, so you can spend the time together, either inside or out. It is not good to be always available for others and not for yourself or loved ones.

These are just some ideas of how you can enjoy fall. Depending on your region and activities you can have other entertainments relating to autumn. Whatever you do, don’t miss the joy of changing season.


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