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14 Aug
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Everybody’s favorite sport in summer is swimming, especially swimming at the public pools. Have you ever thought of how safe they are for your health before diving to one of them? If not then start thinking again.

By going to a not very safe swimming pool you can contaminate yourself with summer diseases such as diarrhea or vomiting or sometimes you may get skin diseases. But how do you know a pool is safe to go? Here are some points you should consider before going for swimming.

Look for attendants:

A good swimming pool should have good attendants moving around. The level of the chlorine used for the water should be monitored at least twice a day. If the attendant is a text addict or a teenager who talks too much and doesn’t pay any attention for the safety of the swimmers then you should doubt that place.

Cloudy water:

The swimming pool water is not clear and sparkling? You can not see through it? Then don’t go there. This is an obvious sign of contamination and poor maintenance. Lack of visibility poses a threat. There are some bacteria that are not even killed by the chlorine added. Imagine the water is also cloudy so it’s a mixture of all the germs and bacteria existing in water. If you don’t want your ear gets infected avoid jumping into this kind of water. If you like your skin to stay healthy keep away from it.

No babies:

Don’t go to the pools with babies in water. Even a trace amount of fecal matter can harbor the parasite Giardia Lamblia. Dipper leakage which is hard to prevent especially in the water can contaminate the entire pool water. If you accidently digest some of the germs you are very welcoming diarrhea and vomiting to your body.

No crowded pools:

There is an expression which says “ the more the merrier ” , but it doesn’t apply for swimming pools. It’s just a rule of thumb that each person brings some germs, viruses and bacteria into the water. So if you find a pool with lots of swimmers inside think again of going there.

All in all even if you find a seemingly clean public pool it is good and safer to still have some points to consider.

Wash your hands as often as you can. Use soap and water to do so and rinse your hands vigorously.

Don’t swallow water while swimming. Crypto is not killed by the amount of chlorine used in the swimming pools.

Protect others. If you are contaminated with Crypto and are suffering from diarrhea don’t go to the swimming pools for two weeks and until it is completely finished and treated.

Wash children before swimming.

And the last but definitely not least take a shower before you jump into the pool. Wash away all that lotions, make-up or other dirt that may be present on your skin. By considering some facts and tips make swimming enjoyable for you and others.


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